Ingenious Kudos(Pack of 10)


There is never too late to congratulate or say kudos to your colleagues, friends, connects or maybe to you too. We all know that one praise, motivation, or a congratulation get our energies up. Hence here we bring to you an easy and elegant way to do so, our Ingenious Kudos.

  • A new way to say kudos or congratulate your colleagues, friends or connects.
  • Those were the dull days where congratulations ended in 5 minds, so here is our Ingenious Kudos right there on your desk forever reminding you how awesome you are.
  • It can be useful for writing it for others or for yourself too, last time when did you congratulated yourself?
  • This Ingenious Kudos will definitely attract people around your desk to visit you by looking at this artifact.
  • These cutouts are made of a special type of thick art paper (350 GSM).
  • Size: 15.486 X 10.667 in inches

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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